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Six Parts of Your Body You Probably Don’t Know

Six parts of your body you probably don’t know their names.

The human body consists of several parts. During our infancy and kindergarten days, most, if not all us were taught “parts of the body”.

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News9naija has compiled six “parts of the body that most of us were probably not taught at kindergarten.

1. Philtrum:

The philtrum is the midline groove in the upper lip that runs from the top of the lip to the nose. The way the philtrum appears is determined genetically. In some syndromes this grove is shortened.


2. Rasceta:

Rasceta is the wrinkling and creases on the inner surface of the wrist.


Apparently, the word rasceta (also rascette or rascetta) refers to the wrinkles running across the wrist at the base of the palm.

3. Glabella:


The glabella is the skin in the middle of the eyebrows and superior to the nose. It also stands for the underlying bone which is somewhat indented, and connects the two superciliary ridges. It is just superior towards the nasion and is a cephalometric marker (For study of the dental and skeletal relationships of a human skull). The pineal gland is located about 7 cm posterior towards the glabella.

Glabella creates a rounded protrusion in adult males and is generally flat in children as well as adult females.

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The prominence of forehead, on either side, the frontal eminence is evident above the eyebrow.

The frontal prominence is typically more pronounced in children and adult females.

4. Lanula:


The lunula, also called little moon takes an area of about one fifth of the fingernail and has the clear edge. The lunula usually tells the disease of a person in the form of color change or disappearing crescent. After the person regains the health from regulation, the little moon will gradually appear again. 

5. Columella:
The columella is the most anteroinferior portion of the nasal septum and forms the central fleshy portion between the two nostrils when looking at someone’s nose. It is a single midline structure composed of cartilage and overlying skin, extending posteriorly from the tip of the nose. The lateral aspects form the medial wall of each nostril.


6. Purlicue:
This isn’t quite a body part, it’s more a gap in body parts. It’s the space between your thumb and extended forefinger – it’s the L that indicates your left hand

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