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Why Do People Cheat-Introduction



The series will expalain the following as we progress

  1. why do people cheat?
  2. why do men cheat?
  3. Why men and women cheat?
  4. cheating in a relationship
  5. why married men cheat?
  6. why do men have affairs?
  7. why married women cheat?
  8. why do married women cheat?
  9. why do people cheat in relationships?

 Why men and women cheat on their partners is a question yet to get a generally acceptable   answer. People cheat for different reasons, just as what makes James thick is likely not to catch Mary’s interest.

The act of infidelity has completely destroyed many relationships, led many to mental breakdown, suicide and even murder.

“My husband doesn’t care for me the way he used to after he started sleeping out. I went through his phone one day while he was asleep and found his chat with a girl he was seeing. My life turned upside down that moment and all I wanted to do was to cut off his manhood because I have been nothing but faithful and supportive in this relationship”. Jane, our respondent said.

” Every night my wife sleeps, she talks in her sleep. Recently she started calling a man’s name and moaned as though she was making love to him. I asked her about it and she denied having any sexual relationship beside ours.

One day, we both went to a mall for shopping and she stumbled on a handsome young man. They greeted each other and she called him by that name she always mentions in her sleep. I became jealous and furious. I asked her who he was and she said he was a new staff in her company. After that day I felt cheated and this began choking my love for her”. Luke (not real name ) said.

 Looking at these two cases, you will see that infidelity is not only when one has sexual intercourse with someone else, it could also be canal fantasies or desiring of someone else. Like it affected Luke’s love towards his spouse who only had a mental fantasy negatively.

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Infidelity begins from the mind. One idea conceived later grows into action. The truth which may not be so palatable to many is that everyone has the tendency to cheat. It takes discipline to overcome the urge.

The general statistics drawn from a questionnaire organized by some group of youths in Nigeria disclosed that about 26percent of men in relationships conceive the idea of cheating but eventually doesn’t and about 64 percent of men cheat. Meaning that only about 10 percent of men are entirely faithful. On the other hand, about 49 percent of ladies conceive the idea of cheating; about 32 percent cheat and about 19 percent are entirely faithful.

 It has been proven that men and women have the same cheating tendencies, but according to the figures above, men are nine times more than women in the cheating game. This is simply because men are more spontaneous in their approaches compared to women who are more rational. Men are biologically wired to think clearly after ejaculation, while women are controlled by emotions. Men go after what they see and get attracted to but women go by how they feel. Men want variety and women want sexual satisfaction. Like some say, “variety is the spice of life”.

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Lust is not the only reason why people cheat,rather people cheat when they start deriving joys outside their homes,this may be due to an argument,putting up weight,nagging,e.t.c