the devil loves an angel

Chapter One: A single path

The night was peaceful and the street void of a single soul. The cold night breeze blew nylons and light waste materials through the tiled road. Somewhere around an alley a middle aged Italian man ran out and looked around hurriedly, then his eyes caught a church building on his right, he quickly ran towards it, opened the sliding window with his heart throbbing against his chest as though it would burst out any moment. He turned behind him frightfully looking if someone was coming before he climbed in through the window.

His legs were yet fully in when two men in black suits walked out of the alley and looked around tenaciously. One of the men caught a glimpse of something entering the church building and he started towards it while his colleague followed.

The men entered into the church through the window and carefully scanned the hall that had long wooden chairs arranged in rows. In front, was a huge table covered with a purple clothe and crucifix hung on the wall behind it, then musical instruments stood at the left hand side. The street light illuminated the place enough to see without the aid of a touch light.

The men moved slowly with 9 millimeter in their hand searching each pew as they moved forward with each man on separate row.

Something ran out from the next pew in front the second man like a shadow, both men fired at it.  The person rushed to the window, opened it with shaky hands and made to escape, then one of the shots hit him in the back, he let out a cry like a wounded animal and sagged on the window rail, excruciating pain ran through his arteries and he couldn’t move his body anymore, then slowly sat on his butt, he knew it was over.

The men rushed to him; one of them was a slim, six foot, athletic dark man in his forties with nothing like a hair on his head and face, his very dark lips pressed against each other dreadfully and his narrow eyes gave the impression of no mercy. The other was a simple looking Arabian, apparently in his early thirties and five-foot-nine. His gentle look was an edge to carry out his nefarious activities without drawing attention.

The man on the floor looked at both of them; he had known them for years and knew what they were capable of.

“Abdul, please listen to me, I didn’t do it, I swear guys! “ He said to the Arabian and bite back pain.

The black man squatted in front of him looking into his eyes and asked in a cold menacing tone. “What is the name of the cop you snitch us to?”

The man turned to the black guy, his face plastered in shock. ” I can’t believe you don’t know me! Tyler, you and I had pulled lots of hits together; I watched your back you watched mine, why are you doing this?”

“We don’t give a f**k! ” Abdul angrily bellowed. “What is the name of the fucking cop?”

” I swear to you guys, I didn’t do anything! ” The man said desperately.

Tyler slowly stood up and said to Abdul. “He’s not going talk, he’s this way when…”.

Before Tyler could finish his statement, Abdul shot the man five times on the head without blinking. Tyler wasn’t expecting Abdul to kill him just yet, he wanted them to torture the truth out of him.

“Why did you fucking kill him?” Tyler bellowed.

Abdul scratched his nose and said walking away “he’s not going to say nothing no matter what we do to him”.

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Tyler turned to the man who used to be his partner and followed Abdul out.


A fat, five feet tall Italian man in full white beards and long grey hairs falling down his sides, putting on a dark shade, white suit and hat with a thick Cuban cigar in his mouth, sat at the balcony of his glass mansion looking down at some beautiful girls in bikini swimming and playing in the pool.

His cell phone rang and he picked it up with his eyes still on the girls, and then removed his cigar from his mouth.

“Hello” he said in his Italian ascent.

 A female voice came through the line “Don, I have found the station they took it to”.

Don removed his sunshade in surprise, while still looking at the girls and said.” That’s good. That’s very good news! Now send the address to me and the name of the officer”.

“Okay sir, right away”.

Some 100 kilometers away, inside a green Range Rover jeep parked across the road in front of police station, a beautiful Spanish girl dropped the call and began sending a text message. Her name is Lucy, a smart, intelligent member of the cartel and Don’s favorite girl.

Don picked her on the street when she was twelve. He had been like a father to her ever since. He sent her to the best schools and she graduated as the best student in criminology and decided to join the Carter out of her own volition against Don’s wish, which had been for her to live a happy life outside the drug business.

Lucy finished with the text and heaved. She knew what was going to happen and it wasn’t how she would have wanted the 2000 kilograms of cocaine to be recovered. But she couldn’t do anything about it now.

She brought out a packet of cigarette from her jacket pocket and took out a stick, looked at her face in the rear mirror and adjusted her black face cap. She wasn’t wearing makeup and her hair was knotted in ponytail. She lit the cigarette and took in a large smoke.

Someone knocked on her passenger’s side glass. She turned and saw the cop she had been sleeping with to get information.  He was a muscular tan man in his early thirties. Handsome and always casually dressed. His name is Henry, a dedicated officer whose only weakness was Lucy.

She unlocked the door and he entered and sat beside her. Immediately he saw the cigarette in her hand, he took it from her and threw it out of the window. She smiled because was used to it.

“I told you to stop this darling. Smoking is bad for your health “. He said in anger.

She smiled, pulled him close by his shirt and kissed him.

“Where are we going to?” She asked after breaking the kiss.

“Where do you want us to go?” He asked half blushing.

She scanned through her head and said with a smirk.

“To my house?”

He laughed and said. “You have to come to my own house. What’s scaring you from mine?”.

She smiled. “Your house got rats! Big rats!”.


She pouted ” I don’t like your house. Please can we not go?”.

He frowned. ” no! I can’t do this! You either come to my house or we go our separate house’s”.

She noticed he meant it and turned to him in the face he could hardly reject and poured. This she made each time she wants to exploit his weakness. “Please, you know I love you. Just this once”.

Henry turned away ” stop making that face! Stop it!”

She leaned closer and turned his face to hers.

Henry looked at her and heaved. ” you always say the last time”.

She smiled. ” you can’t say no to me coz I’m beautiful”. then engaged the engine and drove off.

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