The Devil Loves An Angel 2

the devil loves an angel

                                                                     CHAPTER TWO

                                                                       Night Arrow

A group of fierce looking men from different race gathered in a warehouse, each busy assembling his gun with sweat running down their faces and bodies.

Abdul came in and the men stopped what they were doing and turned to him. He looked at them thoughtfully before saying. ” I can tell you guys are ready?”

Some responded while others nodded.

“this mission is tactical but you are at an advantage because they are not expecting us. Take them by surprise!” Abdul said.

The men nodded and he continued.

” don’t come back without those drugs. Do whatever it takes. Kill as much as you can, let them feel your venom!”

The men nodded in agreement. He looked at them once more, he seemed to be satisfied by what he saw and then he walked away.

They finished assembling their guns then confidently matched into three vans waiting in front of the warehouse.

On their way to the station, the men sat silently at the back of the van with their guns in their hands, non spoke to each other, everyone’s mind was busy.

The van suddenly stopped, they all exchanged surprised glances and quickly put on their masks waiting for action.

In front was a road block, military police had covered the road with nails and police vans, all positioned for attack. Behind, vans came out from both sides of the road and packed across the road with military police positioning for attack.

The driver of the van in front turned behind him and shouted so the men would hear him ” we are busted! We have been compromised! “. He then picked up his phone and alerted the other two drivers”.

” you are surrounded, get down with your hands on your heads. I repeat, you’re surrounded, get down with your hands on your heads!” A voice sounded from a megaphone.

The cops were very ready to shoot at any movement that threatened their lives as they aimed with their eyes steady.

The men in the middle van looked at each other as though communicating with their minds. Then they half opened the van door and carefully jumping down in groups unnoticed. The first group moved and hid behind the last van and the second group moved circumspectly with their guns pointed forward to the back of the first van.

The van in the front opened its door slightly, the men inside came down and shared themselves into two groups; one joined the group behind and others stayed with the one in front.

When they had taken position, they opened fire, shooting from the two sides of the van, the police retaliated knocking down two men instantly but they continued relentlessly even as some of them fell.

The men behind also began shooting to enable the remaining gang in the last van come out. As gunshots fired on both directions, the door of the last van opened and the men inside opened fire, supported by their colleagues, they succeeded in pushing the police away while gaining leverage to jump down and also take cover behind the van. 

The gunshot ceased for few seconds, the men hid behind the vans peeping to know when to begin shooting. 

Then teargas was shot from both front and back at the men, followed with fierce gunshots. The teargas confused and chased them out of their hiding only to get knocked down by a flying bullet. It became a massacre as the men were on the losing end. Some of them tried to escape but were shot in the process and the rest trying to surrender got shot too. In the end non escaped.


Don laid on his tummy with only his buttocks covered receiving a body massage from a beautiful Chinese girl when his cell phone rang. He stretched his hand and the girl handed it to him.

” hello “. Don’s voice sounded tired.

Then he sprang up abruptly, covering his penis with the towel around his waist, every sign of tiredness disappeared.


” when!” He stormed.

Tyler rushed into the room only to see Don on call. Then he eased himself and stood by waiting.

” fuck! How did they know?” Don screamed in frustration. ” you mean non survived?” He ran his hand through his long gray hair as he listened keenly. ” okay…alright”. Then he hung up.

Tyler moved closer. ” sir, what happened?”

Don turned to Tyler. ” get rid of everyone member of this gang that knew about our intended attack. You and Abdul get it done. Go now!” Don bellowed.

” yes sir!” Tyler said and moved out automatically.

Don turned to the terrified girl and eyed her ominously. Then he stood up and walked out of the room.

There was gunshots and cries of people in agonizing pain  in Don’s mansion that night.

A man laid on his bed in his room, sleeping beside his wife, when a shadow snuck in, shot him and his wife with a silencer gun.

A young, tall American came out of a club drunk and stood by his car singing and struggling with his car keys when someone came from behind him and shot him dead.

Three teenage white boys sat in a boat smoking and discussing as they waited for their net to catch something. One of the boys saw movements behind a tree in the dark and swiftly drew out his gun. His friends were terrified at the sight of the gun.

” dude, what’s going on?” One of his friends asked.

” some one is out there, I saw it” the boy said wielding his gun around frantically.

” dude, are you sure? Coz you’re scaring me”. the younger of the boys said.

The boy with the gun turned to him and yelled. ” shut the fuck up! i asked you not…”.

A flicker of yellow light in the dark beside a tree sent him overboard without finishing his statement. His friends let out a loud scream and jumped into the water. The shadow silently disappeared.

Before morning, every member of the gang had been killed by Tyler and Abdul. They stood in front of Don in his living room. Don was in a fluffy white robe and sat looking blankly at a painting of a pregnant, naked black women in labour.

” we are going to get more men tomorrow. Fill the void immediately”. Don said without taking his eyes off the painting.

The men nodded and walked away. A slim Irish man came out through a door behind Don and followed Tyler and Abdul out with his gaze unnoticed. He was about six-foot-seven, in a white t-shirt tucked in a yellow fitted pant, with a slim black belt around his thin waist and black boot on his feet . His blond hair and white skin gave him the look of an albino. He wore a moderate size gold chain around his neck and a gold Rolex watch on his wrist.

” I want you to watch those two”. Don said still looking at the painting. ” follow them even to the toilet. I warn you, they’re natural killers, so don’t get caught”.

The Irish man smiled weirdly and disappeared through the same door.

Don looked around his exquisitely furnished living room and felt like it was sinking into the ground. He turned to the golden wall clock, it was past five. He looked at his phone lying on a stool beside him, picked it up and dialed Lucy.

She was sleeping naked in Henry’s arm in her bedroom when the phone rang. She grabbed with sleepy eyes and walked out of the room to take it.

” hi dad”. She said, as she sat in bar section of her large living room.

” my darling, I’m sick”.

Lucy wiped her eyes and yawned. ” what do you mean?”

” I still have a mole within us”.

” how? Thought you took care of the last I discovered?” Lucy asked surprisingly.

” I thought so too. Please get me that person. Find him, I want to kill him with my bare hands”.

Lucy heaved ” okay Don. I’ll get on it today. Give me time”.

” you have a week”

She shook her head and said. ” okay”. Then she hung up. She looked at her phone’s screen as though she could see Don through it and wondered how she was going to snoop out who the mole was. She went into the bar and turned herself a glass of whiskey, lit a cigarette, as she began to plan.

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