The Devil Loves An Angel 3

the devil loves an angel

                                                               CHAPTER Three

Bloody Seed

Steve Anderson is the second biggest drug lord after Don. He uses his agricultural businesses as a camouflage for his cocaine dealings, just as Don disguises with hotel business.

The six feet, heavily built black man in his mid-fifties sat in his office behind a magnificent table smoking from his pipe. His bloodshot eyes partly shut in deep thought, he stroked his mustache and clean shaven jaw as he meditated.

The desk phone on his table rang, only his eyes turned to it and then he pressed his fat finger on the answer button.

” Yeah?” His husky voice echoed.

” Sir, Flex is here to see you”. A female voice came through the speaker.

” let him in ” Steve said.

” Okay sir” the voice responded and the line dropped.

Few seconds later, a smart looking black man walked in. He had a clean haircut and neatly groomed beards. He was dressed in a blue t-shirt, black baggy jeans and a pair of blue boots. His neck was laden with three different kinds of gold and silver chains, also on his right wrist were gold and silver wrist chains and on his left wrist was a Versace chain watch. 

Steven watched him thoughtfully entering his office walking as though he was bouncing.

” Good day sir” Flex greeted and stood beside a chair across the table.

” I heard the news ” Steve said calmly.

” Yeah, he’s got busted big time! “. Flex said, pulled out a seat and sat down.

Steve drew in a large smoke and exhaled. His face remained expressionless. Then he placed his big fists with fingers covered in gold rings on the table and asked. ” what about Wright’s cartel, any information?”

” They promised to allow us take over district 12 ”

” Good, he has finally come to think like a sensible man”. Steve said, then rest his back on his chair’s backrest and drew in another large smoke, exhaled and looked out through the transparent glass wall at the skyscrapers and buildings in view, his mind was busy.

 Flex waited patiently for him to say something.

After two minutes of awkward silence, Steve turned to Flex. ” I don’t like to share”.

Flex nodded in agreement.

” I hate to be number two! “. Steve angrily spat.

Flex nodded ” that’s right “.

Steve heaved and drew in another smoke, then he asked after exhaling. ” what do you think?”

Flex seem confused. ” about what?”

“About my tactics”

Flex thought his response through before saying:

” it’s okay, bur we gonna be careful, if this shit goes wrong, it’s gonna be war against Don’s cartel, remember the last was fatal”.

” Exactly my point. I want to kill his strength so we can gain the edge”. Steve emphatically pointed, looking into Flex’s eyes.

Flex was not quite comfortable with Steve’s method, but he knew what’s best for him is to nod in agreement.

Steve dropped his pipe and asked. ” anything new from Don?”

” Yeah, he smoked his men last night and recruiting newbies”.

Steve smiled satisfactorily for the first time that day and waved Flex out.

Flex stood up and bounced out proudly.


Lucy sat in her car few distance from the main entrance of the police station.  She had her headphones on listening to the conventions in the office.

She planted a microchip in the form of a sticking nylon inside all Henry’s shoes, with that she can hear everything within Henry’s parameter.

The police were discussing the previous nights massacre and seem to be celebrating it. Henry asked why they didn’t bring anyone in alive, no one cared to a give meaning answer, they were all engrossed by the victory.

Lucy turned towards the station and saw some persons walking about the compound and some uniform men going in and out through the one entrance. She wondered if they had moved the drug out of there by now.

She had spent hours listening to all kinds of conversations. As she ate her sandwich and soft drink, still listening, someone said something that caught her attention. Immediately she sat up and dropped the drink and the sandwich on the dashboard.

” we’re taking the drugs to the headquarters in few minutes time”

She listened as the person continued.

” Henry, you will escort the van”.

Her heart skipped a beat as she listened on.

” sir, you didn’t tell me before now, what if I had a plan?” Henry argued.

” your job is your only plan. There is a rat amongst us, so we are not going to be divulging information before hand anymore”.

Lucy looked at the station and saw some uniform men coming out and stood in front of the door discussing. Three black Pathfinder trucks came through the back of the building and stopped in front of the entrance. Some officers came out of the station carrying some brown bags and loading it in the trunk of the middle truck.

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Lucy couldn’t think of a quick line of action, she thought of calling Don but considered Henry. Although dispensable, but also valuable to the mission.

She finally resolved on what to do, so picked up her phone and called Don with her eyes on the station.

The phone connected and Don’s voice came through.

” hello ”

” they are moving the drugs out right now! “. Lucy’s voice was engulfed with urgency.

” why are you telling me this now? Where?”. Don bellowed anxiously.

” I’m just hearing it now! But there’s a problem! “. Lucy shot into her mouthpiece.

” what kind of problem?” Don held his breathe expecting the worse.

” Henry’s with them “

There was a few seconds of silence. Then Don’s voice came through, but this time it had lost it’s previous vigor. ” we have to let this go ”

Lucy was flabbergasted: ” why!”

” he’s too valuable. Let’s let it go, I have lost too much over this drug”.

Lucy turned and saw Henry laughing and shaking hands with some of his colleagues. She hit the steering twice with her fist in anger and hung up the call.

She watched as the men entered and the cars drove off.


Tyler stopped in a bar on his way back from an errand. He wasn’t aware the bar was known for discriminating black skin people. He ordered for a bottle of beer and sat drinking silently. He even didn’t notice he was the only black person in the place or the hateful stare some customers shot at him because his mind was busy; he was tired of his job, but have no other idea of making decent money. Although Don pays him well, yet he has no much need for the money, he had no girlfriend, friends nor family. He’s always sad and the only fun he knows is to pay prostitutes handsomely to brutally fuck them without condom whenever he’s drunk.

He was slowly drinking the last content in his glass cup from the sixth bottle. When four white bike riders walked in, they were huge junk of men, dreadfully looking with long beards, hairs and tattoos all over there bodies.

Tyler did not take note of their presence. The men sat on a table beside him and was joking among themselves when one of them with piecing almost all over his face turned saw and Tyler minding his business. He called his men’s attention and said something pointing at Tyler, they all turned towards Tyler muttering between themselves.

The man with piercing called Tyler in a demeaning tone.

” Niggar!”

They all laughed. Tyler heard him but ignored.

He turned to his men as though he didn’t believe that Tyler would ignore him. So he tried again a little bit louder.

” Niggar I’m calling your black ass!”

Tyler pretended not to hear him, although he was boiling with anger on his inside but remained calm and took a little sip from his glass.

The pieced faced man wanted to stand up and make trouble but his men stopped him, he slowly sat down eyeing Tyler maliciously.

They later ordered for drinks and continued with their discussion.

Tyler finished his drink, took out his wallet and dropped his bill on the table. Then dragged his tired feet to the table of the bike riders. The group of beast looking men turned to him ominously. Tyler scanned through each one of them and stopped his expressionless gaze on the pierced man.

” You were calling me. What the fuck do you want? “. Tyler’s tone was calm.

The pieced man looked at his friends surprisingly, turned back to Tyler and replied sternly.

” since you didn’t answer the first time, piss off Niggar before I turn you to my slave”.

His men were all looking at Tyler expecting him to leave or be intimidated, but Tyler smiled innocently and before the pierced man could say another word, Tyler slammed his face hard on the table, swiftly picked up two bottles, hit it across the faces of two men beside the pierced man and kicked the table towards the other two across who made to stand up, pushing them to the floor.

The pierced man through a punch at Tyler, Tyler blocked it and sent a strong blow on his nose, he moved backwards with his hands on his bleeding nose. One of the men rushed to grab Tyler, Tyler moved out of the way, pushed him in the back and set his leg for him to trip over, he fell on top of a table, breaking and scattering the drinks on it.

The other three brought out knives and were moving ominously towards Tyler, Tyler quickly took out his gun from his waist and shot one on the leg, the other on the hand he held the knife, the third abruptly threw away his knife and raised up his hands. Tyler looked at the man as he was shivering and replaced his gun under his waist.

The place was silent, everyone turned to Tyler looking dreadfully. He dusted his shirt and walked out dragging his tired feet as though nothing happened.

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