Odumeje: The Many Controversies of The “Liquid Metal”


Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere better known as “Prophet Odumeje” is an Imo-born, Anambra-Based pastor, the Senior Pastor of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry is quite synonymous with controversies.

From spraying Naira bills to dancing secular songs during church service, Odumeje has been a social media sensation as many including highly placed individuals criticizing his style of deliverance and conduct of church activities.

Sit back and relax as News9naija bring to you Many Controversies of “The Liquid Metal”.

  1. critical self-veneration
  2. Secular dance/songs during service
  3. Cash rain during service
  4. Dramatic Deliverance
  5. HURIWA Calls On FG To Arrest Odumeje
  6. The Liquid Metal Challenges Native Doctors
  7. Feud With Arondizuogu People Over Pericoma
  8. Tithing is Criminal 
  9. Claims The Onitsha Tanker Fire Happened Because He Travelled Out Of Onitsha

Critical self-veneration;

Odumeje from time of inception of his ministry has always described himself as with titles critical of a Christian pastor. In fact, his mode of entrance during church proceedings has been with much self praise than usual.

Odumeje calls himself:

~The Indaboski

~The Lion

~The lebadu

~The lemande

~The Abidoshika

~The war

~The Battle

~The Liquid Metal

~Coat of many colours

Performing Secular Song/Dance During Service:

Christians allover the world, especially those in Nigeria can find it appalling when the custodians of the religion are seen dancing to secular musics in public functions let alone doing so during church proceeding.

Well, the Indaboski has come to change the narrative. Odumeje was seen on a video clip dancing “Zanku”, a secular dance by a Nigerian rapper, Zlatan.

While many were shocked by the unchristian display by the “Liquid Metal”, others found it entertaining.

Click here to watch Odumeje dancing Zanku

Cash Rain During Church Service:

If you are ardent social media lover, you would have come across at least a video of the “Liquid Metal” throwing wads of cash during church service. Odumeje doesn’t hide the fact that he is a show maker.

Odumeje was seen in a video clip during one of the church service spaying money on the alter, shortly after he started, other influential church members joined him in the “money rain”. Indeed the prophet is a show maker.

Dramatic Deliverance:

One of the key factors that stands Odumeje out from the crowd is his mode of deliverance. From several clips on the internet, even those posted on the church’s official social handles, you would hardly seen one with acrobatic displays.

Odumeje’s deliverance, though being a spiritual warfare has more physical action packed maneuvers than a regular christian deliverance.

Some of the prophet’s acrbatic displays during deliverance includes;

~Throwing sick congregants on plastic chairs,

~Hitting a man with broken limbs with his clutches https://www.instagram.com/p/B33q6abg2Vw/?utm_source=ig_embed

~ Physically wrestling with a demon-possessed man Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN4bEeEM9yw&feature=youtu.be

~Raising a dead woman to life by laying on her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5THkqS0KlSs&feature=youtu.be

~Strangling Aged woman to cast out evil spirit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcJ_xwf9HOE&feature=youtu.be

Indeed his miracles are always thrilling to watch.

HURIWA Calls On FG To Arrest Odumeje

As reported by the Guardian, the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA), called on the CBN Gov, Mr Godwin Emefiele to order the arrest of the controversial prophet over what the group described as “serial abuses of the Nigerian Naira and other denominations during his public ceremonies in Onitsha.”

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The Liquid Metal Challenges Native Doctors

A video clip showing the controversial prophet challenging native doctors to death-to-life raisinf contest went viral in January this year.

“…native doctors wait for my fight, you have nothing to offer. All native doctors are criminals collecting your chicken, cows and goats. There is only one God and there is only one Power, and that man is Jesus Christ. If you have power, come out in a stadium to compete with me, they will give us two dead people. Anyone that resurrects it has the power…” said the prophet in the 1 min 37 secs clip. Click here to Watch the video

Fingers are still crossed waiting for the day the contest will eventually take place even as it appears that no one is willing to take up the challenge.

Feud With Arondizuogu People Over Pericoma

On May 6th, Odumeje publicly rubbished the legendary Pericoma Okoye, his sons and his either town , the Arondizuogu.

Odumeje had called the described the late music icon’s children as being “useless” and went on to clain that there is no rich man from the entire Arondizuogu town.

Late Chief Pericoma is a traditionalist widely acknowledged among the Igbos as the man who single-handedly dealt with thugs posing as task collectors to forcing defraud travelers at the popular Upper Iweka Road, now in the present day Anambra State.

Following this public defamatory claims by the “Liquid Metal”, villagers and elders incited their deity to smite Odumeje.

In viral video which circulated on various social media platforms, the village elders and their native doctor could be seen making incantations with reference to the prophet.

The native doctor went on to strangle a fowl which he claimed represented Odumeje, shredding the fowl calling on their gods to shred Odumeje for desecrating the Arondizuogu people and their gods.

Click here to watch the video

Tithing is Criminal

Odumeje shaded his fellow pastors who collect money from their church members in the “guise” of tithing. According to the Prophet, God has given him money so there is no need to collect money from your church members.

He was onboard an Air Peace airline enroute an undisclosed location when a lady sitting close him inquired about his source of money as he was always seen in videos spraying money despite the fact that he doesn’t collect tithe from his church members.

Watch the video here

Claims The Onitsha Tanker Fire Happened Because He Travelled Out Of Onitsha

Few days after the Onitsha tanker fire inferno that claimed two lives and properties worth millions of Naira, the controversial prophet who was in Malaysia for church function, alleged that if he was not away, the inferno would have been prevented.

The Prophet went on to pride himself as the “defender of the Onitsha city”. He made cash donations to the victioms of the fire who lost their means of livelihood.

Some Facts About Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere AKA “The Liquid Metal” You Probably didn’t Know

~Odumeje is the senior pastor of Mountain Of Holy Ghost Intervention Ministry.

~Odumeje is married to Mrs Uju Ohanaemere, their marriage is blessed with four children, two boys and two girls.

~Odumeje is was born at Orsu in Imo state but grew up in Anambra where he started his ministry.

~Odumeje has an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Gregory University, Uturu.

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