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News9naija, one of the leading online news publishers in Nigeria is excited to announce the launch of Nigeria's first indigenous free advertising service with referral commission

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Sign of for a News9naija account in less than 10 minutes. Enter your valid details in the provided fields,

Activate Your account

Account your account with a one time account activation fee of ₦1,000. You can make payment via bank transfer or pay with your credit/debit card using PayStack

Upload advert

Visit the content upload page to upload your advert. It is published immediately upon submission! Each advert successfully uploaded will earn you ₦50 instantly

Become our agent

Every registered member on News9naija s an agent. Invite your friends to register with your affiliate link and earn ₦500 referral commission when they activate their account.

Other Membership Bonus

»Unlimited Free Music Promotions
»Post unlimited business directory listing on News9naija for free
»Earn ₦50 per review you drop on any advert posting by other members.
»Earn ₦50 for every comment you drop on our News and article post

Featured Ads & Sponsored Posts

Getting your adverts featured on our header banner sections, pages and posts will boost visibility for your contents.

Adverts such as banner ads and sponsored posts will get more audience if featured on the home page and in between post contents, header and footer sections.

Sponsored posts would be published and featured on our homepage. Sponsored posts gets same audience and attentions as our regular posts.

Advert rates will be updated frequently.

Payment for featured posts can be made from your referral earnings, earned advertising credits or purchase from listed sellers if one has insufficient funds to run featured adverts.







All affiliate earnings are updated frequently in the user dashboard. Referral earnings are paid out every Friday. Minimum payout is ₦500.

Activity Earnings are credited as “Advertising Credits” which can be exchanged for cash if one does not have a featured campaign to run.

We have  an in-house wallet that allows members to share/gift other members their earnings.

To run a featured advert on news9naija, send email to [email protected]

While News9naija is committed to ensuring your safety during transactions with other users on the site, Individuals are responsible for damages, harm, fraud, etc perpetrated by them or by the contents posted on the ads section either as text, audio, video or pictures.

To Prevent users from being defrauded, harmed, etc, we have introduced a robust Escrow system for service, purchases, etc. You are hereby advised to use the escrow service for all transactions on the website.

By your continued use of the News9naija website you agree to indemnify News9naija and her staff for all damaged incurred as a result of not following our guidelines. 

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