How to make over 250k monthly on news9naija

Join news9naija and earn over 250k monthly from the comfort of your home with just your internet enabled smartphone or computer!

how it works

Easy steps to buiild your future with news9naija


Sign up for a News9naija account in less than 10 minutes. Enter your valid details in the provided fields,

Activate Your account

Activate your account with a one time account activation fee of ₦1,000. You can make payment via bank transfer or pay with your credit/debit card using PayStack

post adverts

After a successful activation, you are now eligible to post free adverts on News9naija, You will earn ₦50 Per Advert capped at ₦500 daily.


Reviewing Adverts/Commenting on posts: ₦50 per comment capped at ₦500 per day.

As E Dey Hot

As E Dey Hot: ₦500 per eye witness reports happening around you (videos And/ Pictures must be included)

Opinion Posts

₦1,000 per opinion posts, opinion posts must be factual and verifiable and approved manually by admin.

Affiliate Earnings

Every user that successfully registers and activates his/her account automatically becomes an affiliate partner. Every user is assigned a unique referral link which they can use to invite friends to join News9naija. Invite your friends and earn ₦500 when they activate their accounts. To get your referral link Login to your dashboard>>Referral>>Copy Copy to Clipboard


You can always use the question and answer forums to ask questions regarding things you don't understand. Admins and other users will be readily available to assist you

How To Withdraw

Activity Earnings

Payouts for activity earnings are done everyday, there is no  minimum amount for withdrawal.

Step 1. Login into your user dashboard

Step 2. Click on the gear icon to edit your profile, add your bank name and bank account number, save the changes and navigate back to your dashboard.

Step 3. Click On the “Exchange Credits To Cash” button located next to your activity earnings.

Step 4: You will be taken to credit exchange page, follow the prompt. 

Referral Bonus

Payouts for referral bonus are done every Friday, the minimum amount to  that can processed for cashout is ₦500.

Step 1. Login into your user dashboard

Step 2. Click on the gear icon to edit your profile, add your bank name and bank account number, save the changes and navigate back to your dashboard.

Step 3. Click On the “Withdraw” button located next to your verified earnings.

Step 4: You will be taken to the summary page, confirm your withdrawal.

Your Payment request will be settled shortly. 

How To Upload your Free Advert

Locations where Free ads are posted:

  1. Every registered member’s dashboard which will be viewed upon login.
  2. Login page: Users who are not logged in will view the adverts when they click  on login
  3. Registration page
  4. Home page Footer section
  5. Post navigation etc

To upload your free adverts;

  1. Click on the Upload icon pinned on header section
  2. Enter your adevert Tittle, Text and Images (You can add up to 10 images in one post)
  3. Fill the reCAPTCHA chek box and submit your Advert.
  4. You advert will be auto posted upon successful submission.

Accepted ads

Which Adverts Are Accepted On News9naija?

On News9naija you can advertise any product, services, promotional/affiliate links which are legally acceptable and not diceptive in anyway. form or manner that may pose threat or cause harm to other users on News9naija.

Which Adverts Are Not Accepted On News9naija?

Deceptive and misleading ads with intention to scam, threaten or cause harm to other users on the platform are outrightly outlawed. Sales, distribution, promotion, etc of drugs, guns, adult contents, etc are banned on News9naija


Real Estate

We partner with several real estate agencies in Nigeria to link members of News9naija who wish to buy/rent/lease houses, flats, Offices, Lands, etc to fully verified agents at no cost.


We also partner with Auto companies to make your car purchase seamlessly easy.

Web Services

For members who would need web design and other related services, we have also partnered with several web design agencies to get your quest at arm’s length.

Extra Members' Bonus

Special Free Promotion For Upcoming Artists

We will aggressively market all upcoming musicians who are members of News9naija for Free. We will publish, promote and market your songs and music videos on News9naija with adequate links to your bio, websites, and social media handles for free.

Free Unlimited Business Listing

We offer free business listing for all our members. There is no limit to the number of businesses you list on News9naija. Simply visit the business listing page, enter your business profile details in very quick step and have your business exposed to millions of customers on the internet.

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