How To Advertising Credit

What is Advert Credit?

Advert credits are used to run sponsored/featured Campaigns?

What Are Featured Campaigns?

Featured campaigns are adverts  that are featured/pinned on News9naija’s homepage and all post pages.

How do I get advert credits?

Users can earn advert credits from simply uploading free adverts, commenting on new posts or buy advertising credit from other members using escrow.

How Do I Buy Advertising Credit when I have insufficient credit to feature my adverts?

=>Buying From Members Of News9naija.

=>Login into your user dashboard.

=>Navigate to “Advert Credits” Section and locate “buy credit”

=>You will be taken to the Credit Sales Page 

=>A list of available sellers will be displayed. Click on the “Buy from this seller”

=>When you open the page and you like the seller’s rate, proceed to send a direct message (DM)

=>Enter your message in the message box displayed beneath the post (after the disclaimer notice)

=>Once you two reach a consensus, send a private message to the escrow admin. Escrow Admin’s username;: “Escrow” or send a message to [email protected]

=>Follow the Escrow guide here: How To Use The Escrow Service