How To Sell Your Advert Credits

What is Advert Credit?

Advert credits are used to run sponsored/featured Campaigns?

What Are Featured Campaigns?

Featured campaigns are adverts  that are featured/pinned on News9naija’s homepage and all post pages.

How do I get advert credits?

Users can earn advert credits from simply logging to their account daily, reading and commenting on posts, etc.

Is advert credit the same as referral bonus?

No! Referral bonus are assigned a different wallet that can be withdrawn every Friday while advert credits are used to feature ads or sell to other users.

How Do I sell My Advert Credit?

=>To sell your credits, simply visit the Upload Page and post the details of the credit you wish to sell, select “Sell Advert Credits” from the category. 

=>It will be posted automatically on the Advert Credits Sales/Purchase Page

=> Any user who is interested in your rates will send you a private message.

=> Finalize talks with your prospective buy and contact the Escrow Admin (Please See How The Escrow Service Works

=>Your money will be sent to your registered bank details immediately.

What if I get scammed of my advert credits by a buyer or seller ?

Never! It is not possible to get scammed of your advert credits except you didn’t use our escrow service. Always use the escrow, it is there to protect you against fraud?

How much is escrow fee?

Escrow fee is fixed at 5% of the total credits sold. The seller is billed.

When do I get the money from my advert credits sales?

Immediately! Your money is sent as soon as the transaction is confirmed. Please allow additional time for bank delays.

At What Rate Will I Sell My Advert Credit?

It is 100% upto you to decide how much you want to sell your advertising credits.

News9naija official exchange rate for advert credit to Naira is 1Credit=1Naira. This means that if you have 10,ooo credits, you will sell it for 10,000 naira or at any rate agreed upon by you and your buyer.

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